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Our decades of broad industry experience mean whatever challenges you are facing, it is likely we have seen them before and already have a solution.

Our vast knowledge of materials ensures that we know what works with what and we will happily collaborate with you to design the perfect product.



Our wide-ranging experience covers projects such as the design and manufacture of parts for Eftpos terminals, control boxes and display and navigation units.



In the healthcare sector, patient comfort is extremely important. Our deep understanding of materials and how they work together enables us to create products for sleep apnoea devices, medical swabs, orthotics and artificial limbs that not only perform brilliantly – but are also great to wear.

Industrial and consumer appliances

Industrial and Consumer Appliances

We are involved in the manufacture of parts for commercial and industrial products such as ovens, fridges and dishwashers – and the parts we make need to be easy to assemble and repair. Effective sealing, vibration, insulation and noise control are all important areas in which we are fully experienced and adept.



We are involved in the manufacture of parts for horticultural grading equipment, where quality and strict hygiene standards are crucial and are also experienced in the area of agritech appliance parts for the likes of weigh scales, electric fences, food processing equipment and filtration devices.

Bedding and Furniture

Bedding and Furniture

We offer a range of comfort foams that provide high resilience, durability, support, airflow and cooling.

Transport, aviation and marine

Transport & Marine

We specialise in making products and components that make things comfortable and quiet through noise reduction and thermal insulation.

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