When you deal with Nexus Performance Foams, you are dealing with the best in the business. Our expertise and deep understanding of how materials work, and work with each other, is trusted by successful companies all over the world.

We partner with customers to achieve outstanding performance in high-tech flexible polymer and foam materials.

The products we are sourcing, researching and developing are transforming what our customers can deliver in a range of sectors including construction, custom components and the emerging area of wearable technology. We have a thorough understanding of the tight regulatory environment in which companies operate and offer a complete service that starts with helping you choose the best possible product, designing or customising a product to meet your specific requirements and ending with ensuring your build meets all compliance codes.

To all our collaborations, we bring expertise in design and development, supported by advanced manufacturing and quality control systems.

This goes hand in hand with an exceptionally strong commitment to service - we are constantly looking for new ways to exceed our customers’ expectations and add value to their business. We understand partnership, have a genuine commitment to solving our customers’ problems and a proven track record in reliable personal service.

Ingenuity is central to the success Nexus Performance Foams has enjoyed for more than 20 years. As well as involving our customers early on in the development of solutions, we bring world-class technical expertise to the development of high performance soft-engineered materials. We are nimble and flexible, making it easy for our customers to develop, launch and supply new products.

We also pride ourselves on creating solutions that are efficient to manufacture, easy and environmentally safe to install and simple and economic to use.