Interior Products

We specialise in thermal and acoustic insulation solutions as well as HVAC products and sanitary plumbing. Our products include the innovative Thermobreak™ range, NuWave™ and Softlon™.


Exterior Products

We offer products that are functional, cost-effective, high-performing and durable. Our range includes solutions for roofing, concrete, exterior walls, glazing, cladding, mounting bond breaking and vermin control.

Why choose Nexus Performance Foams' products?

  • We offer high-performance products including thermal and acoustic - a priority concern for the construction sector where a wide range of building types and challenges call for an equally wide and highly-effective product range

  • Our trusted and branded products are a prudent and safe option as environmental and fire safety codes become stricter

  • We deliver outstanding performance and value in a cost-constrained market where there is high demand for products that last, are flexible and efficient to maintain

  • Nexus Performance Foams puts a high priority on the time needed to install products and the safety of installers

  • We deliver more in terms of user comfort, convenience and safety - meeting market expectations for higher standards in these areas