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Business marketing specialist joins booming Nexus Performance Foams

Business marketing specialist joins booming Nexus Performance Foams

In Karl’s recent experience he has been in positions that have involved adding value in food research and commercialisation programmes – in other words, taking great new possibilities in product development and bringing them successfully to market. At Nexus Performance Foams Karl will have a key role in achieving a new depth of market penetration for foam and soft material components that play an increasingly important role in construction, manufacturing and the comfort of wearable protective clothing and leisure products.

Take Nexus Performance Foams’ Thermobreak™ 9705 product range – it changes everything. Right now it’s one of the only thermal insulation material to meet the latest NZ Building Regulations and it outperforms PVC Nitrile insulation materials including Armaflex, hands down. It has 8% better insulation performance, it’s quicker and easier to install, lasts substantially longer and will not corrode stainless pipes. Its distinct foil wrapping confirms to clients and developers that compliant insulation has been used. This product range has already enjoyed significant success, and Karl will be making sure that all new market opportunities for this outstanding product will be developed.

Then there’s the quiet revolution happening in acoustic insulation thanks to Thermotec. Like Nexus Performance Foams' solutions generally, it is engineered to outperform its rivals and yet be efficient and cost-effective to produce and install. Thermotec products look different, feel different, work more effectively and are safe and easy to handle - all typical characteristics of a Nexus Performance Foams' solution and one that Karl himself looks forward to bringing to market.

‘Working with Nexus Performance Foams is a pleasure; these are products that have characteristics that customers have been crying out for. They work better than that of their rivals, save the customer money and allow them to create a higher quality product for their customers. That has to be a marketer’s dream!’

Karl will also be handling Nexus Performance Foams' components that help meet the growing demand worldwide for task-related wearable products. The demand of the market in this field is for foam and soft-engineered components to go into making protective and leisure products that are comfortable and convenient to wear. In the past, products such as body protection pads, ear defenders, headphones, dust masks and medical supports did the job but were far from comfortable. As Karl says, ‘Nexus Performance Foams’ unique technical capabilities are being used to create wearable technology and materials with more appealing performance attributes’.

Karl’s ability to take innovative technical developments and help identify market fit will be invaluable for Nexus Performance Foams going forward, ensuring that the maximum benefits of innovation are enjoyed by customers.

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