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Future Proofing the Christchurch Arts Centre

Future Proofing the Christchurch Arts Centre


Main Contractors: Fletcher Construction 
Heritage Sub Contractors: Simon Construction Limited
Architects: Sheppard & Rout
Heritage Advisory: Christchurch City Council and Emily Fryer Conservation             `
Budget: $290m
Time Frame: 5years- complete mid 2019
NEXUS Performance Foams Material: Plastazote


The planned restoration of 23 of the 24 Neo Gothic Art Centre buildings is without a doubt the largest heritage restoration project in New Zealand’s history.  The Arts Centre Trust has strengthened and completed 8 buildings to date, with the goal to make the half way point by the end of 2016. Such phenomenal progress is testament to the collaborative skills of the many talented Contractors and Stone Masons working on the Christchurch Art Centre restoration.

Simon Construction Limited  is one of the Christchurch City Councils approved heritage contractors who has done extensive work on the Art Centre, Deans Bush, The Provincial Chambers, Sign of the Takahe and Mona Vale.  Plastazote, is again the material of choice for its purity and durability to sit the numerous, giant jigsaw sized pieces of broken and chipped Oamaru stone on. This nitrogen blown polyethylene foam also protects the centre’s stunning leadlight glass panels and ornate window sills while the strengthening work continues.

NEXUS Performance Foams, Plastazote, has  been used on many of Canterburys Heritage buildings as a buffer material between the fragile stone, brick and wooden facades and the massive steel and wooden support structures erected to sure these quake comprimised buildings up until the skilled construction teams begin this incredible historic restoration process.  

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