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NZ Champion Brewery of the Year: Townshend Brewery

NZ Champion Brewery of the Year: Townshend Brewery

We at NEXUS were pleasantly surprised to witness our Thermobreak™ product broadcast on national television, August 22nds 6pm 3 News. Thankfully, the limelight wasn’t actually on us, but rather Martin Townshend of Townshend brewery, who has just been recipient of an award for New Zealand’s Champion Brewery for 2014.

There has been a wide adoption of Thermobreak™’s easy to install flexible thermal insulation wrap within New Zealand’s food and beverage industry by both large and boutique scale operators. Though Martin stated in relation to the growing usage of supplying beer in cans, "the vessel it's contained in is just there to make sure it's deposited in your mouth properly," this lovely snapshot tells that the insulated vessel it’s contained in prior to canning still at least contributes to the level of consistency and quality in the end product. Having “sampled” said product, we can certainly attest to this; however, we feel this is essentially due to his brewing prowess, and Martin is absolutely deserving of this award.


To find out more about Martin and Townshend brewery, find their website:


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