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PORON® XRD® making an impact

PORON® XRD® making an impact

PORON® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection is the latest in a long line of impact absorption materials available in the market. In its rest state, XRD® Technology is like a semi-closed cell urethane: flexible, soft and elastic. When the material undergoes a force such as sudden impact, its molecular structure changes to effectively transform the material by temporarily hardening itself into a rigid surface until the energy is dissipated (after which point it returns to its original state).


Its unique status as a high performance material with dual properties enables manufacturers to create smarter end products which use less bulky materials, and hence less weight, and which are guaranteed to withstant repetitive strain time and time again. If used right, XRD® technology will have the same results as others in its class, whilst using significantly less material.


Developed by Rogers Corporation, the material properties of PORON® XRD® have been rapidly adopted by the sports comfort market, finding its way as the primary composite layer in FIFA World Cup players’ shin guards, 2ND Skull inner helmet liners, and G-Form PRO-X Knee Pads (winning the National Geographic Gear of the Year).


Perhaps the best way to illustrate its capabilities is to see how well an iPad fared in its descent from high atmosphere:



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