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Rainbow Pieces

Rainbow Pieces

NEXUS Performance Foams Involvement in the Christchurch Earthquake Rebuild

Christchurch Town Hall Refurbishment

Main Contractors: Hawkins Construction
Advisory Partners: Christchurch City Council Heritage Division & Emily Fryer Conservation
Budget: $127.5m
Time Frame: 3 years
NEXUS Performance Foams Material: Plastazote
Post Quake Canterbury: Plastazote has been extensively used as a support buffer or wrap on our most prized post quake heritage buildings and statues.


2015 had NEXUS Performance Foams supplying Plastazote for the wrapping of Sir Miles Warren’s commissioned mural “Rainbow Pieces” painted by the acclaimed artist James Patrick (Pat) Hanly in 1971, when the Christchurch Town Hall was originally under construction.  

This massive mural is 2.5m x 78m long and made up of 50 individual panels. Ironically, this incredible art piece was originally installed by the 1971 town hall construction team with no guidance from the artist!  The end result was a "disjointed look" as a result of a couple of mural panels being crossed over. Hanly, believed the mural's rearrangement enhanced the “vibrant spontaneity that his work produced”.

The Hawkins team, along with Emily Fryer and Becky Helliwell from Emily Fryer Conservation have not been awarded the same artistic licence and this massive mural has been carefully wrapped and stored in NEXUS Performance Foams Plastazote while the 3 year refurbishment programme is under way.

Plastazote: Is a nitrogen blown polyethylene foam sheet, traditionally used in the Health and Food industry and as a wrap or display material in Museum, Art Gallery and Film industry applications throughout the world.

NEXUS Performance Foams, Acoustic pipe lagging, Durafoam adhesive strips,Tombo Rockwool and Thermobreak insulation have also been used in the early stages of the ongoing Christchurch City Town Hall Refurbishment.

We look forward to seeing the refurbished Christchurch Town Hall and Hanly's "Rainbow Pieces"  bringing life and exuberance back into Sir Miles Warren's Iconic building.   



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