Acoustic Insulation

Smart acoustic materials to engineer cost out and performance in

The Nexus Performance Foams' range of smart acoustic materials is a great example of Nexus Performance Foams' innovative thinking. Some smart acoustic insulation has high performance but also a price tag to match. Nexus Performance Foams' acoustic insulation is a smarter choice in every sense.

Because it is not over-engineered, nor is it overpriced.

Using the technical principles we have developed over many years, we can now offer high-tech acoustic materials designed to meet the specific requirements of different applications, indoors or out, for sound-insulation or to prevent vibration. We can also engineer-in customised features that will help you meet precise, application, cost and performance criteria.

All Nexus Performance Foams' acoustic materials are rated for resistance to fire and smoke and come with the reassurance of Nexus Performance Foams' quality and manufacturing system standards. Take a look at the latest Megasorber® Soundmesh G8 Technology to see the scale of difference Nexus Performance Foams' acoustic products can make.

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