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Working with Nexus Performance Foams gives you access to one of the world’s leading authorities on foam and soft material components. We not only produce and develop foam materials ourselves, we also represent some of the global leaders in new high-tech materials.

Like the other specialist foam services we provide, our generic foam products business is based on a combination of technical know-how and application and sector awareness. With over 20 years experience, we know what works and we know how to work closely with customers to develop the exact custom component or material they want.

Nexus Performance Foams has strong and profitable relationships with materials specialists, suppliers, manufacturers and users of foam products worldwide. This highly developed network gives us a knowledge that is literally encyclopaedic, of what can be done in different fields.

That allows us to help your business get ahead of competitors. Our innovative generic foam components and products are designed to do a better job than anything previously available.

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