Thermal Insulation

Setting new standards of performance in thermal insulation

Nexus Performance Foams brings the high-performance Thermobreak™ products to the market under an exclusive distribution agreement with Sekisui. This closed cell, cross-linked polyolefin foam outperforms rubber, fiberglass and all non-cross-linked products. As well as being extremely long-lasting, Thermobreak™ is quick and safe to install. Nexus Performance Foams is developing the material into a number of product formats – roll, sheet and die-cut pieces - designed for a range of industrial applications.

The top-of-the-range Thermobreak™ 9705, for example, is one of the only thermal insulation products on the market that passes the ISO9705 full room fire test – ensuring full compliancy with the latest New Zealand Building Code fire standards. But that is only one reason for looking more closely at Thermobreak™ 9705. 

Thermobreak™ 9705 demonstrates everything we take seriously at Nexus Performance Foams. It is a product that outperforms others in the market, it is smart, easy and safe to install, incredibly long-lasting and has low environmental impact.

It is a fibre-free foam product range that has the lowest thermal conductivity of any flexible insulation material on the market - so it saves you money too. Zero vapour permeability and mould and fungal growth-resistance make it incredibly long-lasting. Thermobreak™ products are also quick and easy to install, ‘Green Star’ certified and contain no VOCs or fibres - so there’s no need for protective equipment for installers. It truly is a new standard.

Thermal Insulation

Thermobreak™ 9705

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