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Nautech Electronics

Nautech Electronics

In a move to improve police workplace safety, Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has ordered all 908 front-line police response cars to be outfitted with a Bushmaster rifle, a Glock pistol, a Taser and bullet-proof vests. The inherent issues with this were obviously ensuring no equipment could ever be lost, damaged or misplaced.

The company tasked with supplying a product to contain all these items is Nautech, who have a long-standing relationship in outfitting Police vehicles with the necessary technology required for such a job.

Nexus Performance Foams worked closely alongside both Nautech Electronics Ltd and the NZ Police to design a light-weight, low-profile, and cost-effective means to contain, present and protect the weaponry in each vehicle. To do so also required provisions for speedy access or stocktake of guns, whilst still fulfilling the key role of preventing any movement and damage.

Creative technical design – including laser engraving “shadow-board” style gun outlines, die-cutting heavy duty foam clips as a space-saving alternative to a traditional case inserts –resulting in a final product which is a true testament to Nexus Performance Foams’ ability to innovate.