Helping you to deliver user comfort, performance and safety

Wearable technology is big news.

In the United Kingdom alone, the market for smart technology products is expected to rise to around 13.1 million users this year, while an estimated 40 million Americans are already wearing health and fitness devices.

At Nexus Performance Foams, we are aligned to the growth in this sector. We have been meeting consumer demand for smart materials and products designed for comfort for years. It is something we excel in and are perfectly placed to create and manufacture products to meet this new and exciting demand.

Great looking products are one thing, but wearable tech that is also functional and comfortable is quite another.

In the past, health and fitness devices often did the job, but were far from comfortable. For example, they may have been heavy and ill-fitting, applied pressure to skin and made it sore or caused the wearer to sweat because the product was not breathable.

At Nexus Performance Foams, our deep understanding of materials and how they work together enables us to create wearable technology and materials that are not only good looking and perform brilliantly – but are also great to wear.


Comfort on all levels – our number one aim

In the healthcare sector especially, patient comfort is extremely important. Our experience shows that perception of comfort can be as powerful as actual physical comfort. We never forget the psychological and social aspects of a wearable device and are always working to produce discreet, functional and top-performing products.

We manufacture in a medical device-compliant facility with thorough testing and built-in processes for incorporating customer feedback.

Our multi-material knowledge and expertise in designing custom-built components helps to create products that excel on all levels.


Nexus Performance Foams has experience in designing wearables in the following sectors:

  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle products

  • Medical devices

  • Occupational and protective wear

  • Sports and performance wear


A close partnership brings outstanding results

We work closely with our customers to understand the markets they are operating in and what their customers want. Increasingly, these products have to demonstrate a high level of versatility and comfort.

Nexus Performance Foams is an agile, design-led business with a history of innovation, which creates soft materials and products for leisure, sports, travel, medical and industrial uses. Our modern manufacturing techniques help create advanced 3D flexible or soft components in materials with properties that include:

  • Non-sweat characterstics

  • Even pressure distribution

  • Easily breathable and adjustable

  • A high level of psychological and physical comfort


We can help you with:

  • Thermoforming, 3D and laser cutting, laminating and adhering rigid and flexible soft materials together

  • Prototyping combinations of materials and testing performance

  • Designing components for known manufacturing processes

  • Proven design, project management and customer service systems.