Building safer, stronger, more comfortable buildings together

In the construction sector, we’ve been busy sourcing and creating smart products and technologies that help make buildings quieter, warmer, more energy efficient, durable and environmentally safe.

Nexus Performance Foams has over 20 years experience in creating innovative foam and soft polymer materials for construction. Over this time, we have gained much knowledge about a huge range of buildings. So, whatever challenges you are facing, chances are we have come across them before and already have a solution.

We also have the experience, technical knowledge and service skills to work with, and satisfy, the many people involved in every part of the construction process - planners, architects, owners, construction companies and the tradespeople at the sharp end of the build.

A key focus for us is achieving the best possible price and performance characteristics for our customers. That means thinking not only about how the product performs in various applications, but also about ease of installation and how long it will last - all important considerations in the construction industry.

Our knowledge of the tight regulatory requirements in the construction process means we can advise you and recommend products that are already compliant.

We are leaders in the fields of thermal and acoustic insulation material and are also known for our innovation in custom engineering of soft material components. The same expertise and creative thinking goes into our construction materials, including roofing and cladding.

Nexus Performance Foams in Construction

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How we work with you

Nexus Performance Foams has built an international reputation for the quality and performance of its products and its legendary customer service.

We have a proven approach to working with our customers, including planners, architects, building owners, consultants, contractors and construction companies. We spend time understanding your technical and market challenges, as a crucial starting point for effective product design and selection. We then work alongside you to explore currently available products or prototype new options if needed. We take a partnership approach from beginning to end.