Technical materials leadership made brilliant by collaboration

At Nexus Performance Foams, we are passionate about designing new products to solve real issues for customers. In fact, we don’t think of them as customers but as partners with whom we work together to find new solutions to their problems.

We love to work with innovators. Our aim is to become the name that innovative, global manufacturers think of first when they require design, development and delivery of soft component parts.

Our design team thrives on a challenge and likes nothing more than working with clients to test new combinations of materials and techniques for a custom-made solution. This is how we earned our reputation for developing new soft material components that outperform anything else available. We are always looking for ways to exceed your expectations!

Our design team consists of materials, mechanical and design engineers with a diverse range of skills. They apply their expertise across polymer science, mechatronics, mechanical and production engineering, product development and project management.

Working this way has meant that we have also developed a highly sophisticated quality management system – one that is usually only found in much larger organisations. As a result, you can be sure of the highest standards at all times.

“Quick idea generation, fast prototyping and iterative testing speeds up product development and time to market and delivers a better product to our customers faster.”