Ownership & History

Nexus Performance Foams has been a subsidiary of Skellerup Holdings since 2019 and is a sister company to Ultralon International Ltd, which specialises in the supply of large format performance foams.

Our dedicated manufacturing facility in Auckland allows us to represent leading flexible foam brands from around the world and design, prototype and manufacture new components. We have offices in Auckland and Christchurch.

In addition to serving our customers locally in New Zealand, we export around the world to markets such as Asia, Australia and the United States. Customers include the likes of Fisher & Paykel, ESR, Tomra and Zephyr Technology.

The company was originally founded by engineering and manufacturing specialists in the early 90s. The main activity back then was to supply Norton Foam Sealants. However, converting foam into new components quickly became the main focus of the business and the enterprise went from strength to strength, becoming Nexus Foams in 2009 and Nexus Performance Foams in 2019.

Creative collaboration with our customers

Customers know we will take the time to understand the commercial challenges they face and use our expertise to create a workable, high value solution.

This means working closely with them, experimenting with design options, using our high-tech skills to combine different materials and applying our manufacturing know-how to develop a workable solution.

Over time, we have evolved to have specialist expertise and sophisticated systems and processes. These mean strict standards, on-going testing and checks to ensure products are code-compliant.

We’ve adopted ‘Just in Time’ inventory management. We are also ISO accredited and run a lean manufacturing process that ensures we are not only efficient, but also cost-effective.

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